Learning Independence: New Approaches For Educating The Net Generation

Online learning – what to consider

short youtube video of Gilly Salmon from the University of Leicester talk about the challenges of online teaching


Teaching and learning online

10 Best Practices for Teaching Online 

Barriers to eLearning articles

Check out the below 2 articles on barriers to eLearning

Glossary of online learning terms

Peer Coaching

Info-graphic on Peer Coaching

A New Pedagogy is Emerging… and Online Learning is a Key Contributing Factor

Three Social Trends That Will Influence Education in 2014

A Model of Learning Objectives – Bloom’s Taxonomy

Handout used to develop learning objectives, based on Anderson and Krathwohl’s revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the cognitive domain.

PDF version

10 Characteristics of Adult Learners

The document provides an explanation of each characteristic and implications to consider when planning for adult learners.

Laugh and Learn

The documet discusses the benefits of humor in the classroom and strategies to enhance learning using humor.

Instructional Design Models and Theories: Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation

Article on strategies for developing engaging eLearning courses, based on Keller’s ARCS model.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Tests

The handout gives the do’s and don’ts, types of tests, how to layout the test and determining the timing of the test.’s%20Don’ts.pdf