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This post is all about gamification.

My elearn

Today’s post is a link to the elearn I created about how to rock climb.  When creating the elearn I considered the learner clicking through the slides and how they were viewing the information.

  • Slide – What is rock climbing
    • Simple definition that easily fits on the slide without scrolling
    • Hover over button to get further information about a specific type of climbing, top roping
    • Having the action of hovering to get further information keeps the learner engaged in the content
    • Visual on the side to make the slide visually pleasing
  • Slide – The Gear
    • Each picture can be clicked on to get further information, once again keeping the learner engaged
    • Some pictures link to a video requiring audio, which the learner is informed off via the headphones icon
    • The variety of delivery methods used once again helps to keep the learner engaged
    • Once the information has been viewed a tick icon appears so the learner can keep track of everything they have viewed
  • Knowledge check slide
    • This slide keeps the learners engaged and helps them confirm that have understood the content so far
    • The questions are displayed visually to match how the content was originally shown
  • Slide – ABCDE or Rock Climbing
    • This slide provides information in a clearly laid out slide
    • Once again no scrolling is required and there is a visual in the background
  • Test your knowledge
    • This slide asks a series of questions, with the aim being to get the climber up the wall
    • By adding a game element it helps to keep the learner interested
  • Finally don’t forget to have fun
    • This slide leaves the learner with a key message
  • References are provided on the final slide so the learner can get furthe information

How to access the elearn

  1. Click the link to download the file – it can be downloaded straight to your desktop, you don’t need a dropbox account
  2. Open and extract all files
  3. Open the extracted files folder
  4. Open the “Launch_Story.exe” file


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