Digital Projects

This page shows students digital projects on instructional strategies in PIDP 3250.

Academic Controversy

This infographic of academic controversy has a great flow to it, walking you through how it works in a visually appealing way.  There is great use of graphics to clearly show what academic controversy looks like and what you need to consider when using this technique.  There is great use of white space and every image has a purpose.

Field Trips

This youtube video goes through how to incorporate field trips into your lessons.  It starts with some great questions that get you excited about why you should plan a field trip. It gives some great considerations when planning your field trip, such as transport.  The video gives most of the information video audio and then emphasizes some points with words on the screen.  The visuals of pictures being draw on the screen help to hold the viewers attention without being too overwhelming.


This PowToon video talks about what e-learning is and how it can be used.  There is a great flow to how the information is presented, first explained what it is and then why you would want to use it, giving some interesting facts about it, such as the latest revenue figures. It gives some best practices, such as generic processes that large amounts of people need to know. There is a great summary of the pros and cons of e-learning, with clear visuals to go along with each. The overall look and feel of the presentation is professional and makes good use of visuals throughout, such as the column format with word then picture to match.

Send a problem 

This short video discusses what the instructional strategy of send a problem is.  It first explains the strategy, keeping the visuals moving to hold the viewers attention. The video talks about the benefits and the best ways to use it.  It also gives an example of the strategy being used to help the viewer understand how to apply the strategy.

Poster Sessions

This short video talks about a strategy to engage students using a technique called poster sessions. The video first overviews what the strategy is and how to get the students buy in through a discussion. The video highlights the importance of having students select their topic, so they will be more invested in it.  The video then goes into the step by step instructions of implementing the strategy, giving examples from his own classroom and how this looks at each stage. Examples are given on how posters can be displayed.

Problem Based Learning

This short video discusses problem based learning (PBL). The video talks about what is and how it works, visually showing a group working together. It also discusses what is needed to make PBL work, such as the importance of the instructor not directing too much and allowing the learners to manage things.  Examples are given of situations where PBL works well, such as medical studies. The steps for PBL are displayed slide by slide, clearly explaining what needs to happen at each stage of the process. Finally the limitations of PBL are covered, such as in maths.