Quality guidelines

Having quality guidelines for online course development can help ensure the quality experience for your learners.  A quality experience means a smooth, seamless experience for the learner with relevant and accurate information.

Online courses should consider the following guidelines:

  1. Outlines technology requirements to the learner
  2. Outlines pre-requisites to the learner
  3. Relevant information
  4. Accurate information
  5. Applicable to real world situations
  6. Support resources readily available (additional material, contact person)
  7. Knowledge checks to assess learning
  8. Engaging activities to keep learners attention – communicate expectations, foster active learning (http://www.futured.com/pdf/CanREGs%20Eng.pdf)
  9. Appropriate for the level of the learner
  10. Navigational instructions – http://www.wcu.edu/WebFiles/PDFs/facultycenter_OCAT_v2.0_25apr07.pdf
  11. Provides opportunity to practice
  12. Suggests time required to complete
  13. Presented in a format appropriate for the online environment
  14. Guidelines for communicating and collaborating
  15. Instructor is aware of learner progress
  16. Timely response to learner questions
  17. Assessments are frequent enough to provide formative feedback

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