Challenges of online learning

  • What are the challenges for you as an online student?

One of the main challenges of being an online student is managing your time.  There are no set class times, so it is up to me to schedule my time accordingly to ensure I am getting the work done.  I set my own goals and deadlines based on my needs.  For example I would like to complete my first elearning course by mid December so I don’t have to work over the Christmas break.  This will be my motivation to get things done.

  • How are you going to deal with these challenges?

To deal with these challenges myself as a learner, I will plan out my week and block off chunks of time to do activities, readings and assignments. I will set myself deadlines for when I am going to get things done, such as by Wednesday I will have read up to page 50.

As an instructor I will help learners overcome this barrier by setting expectations upfront.  I will let them know how long they should anticipate to spend of activities or how long a video or elearn is.  I will also let them know any deadlines they need to work towards, such as if a link will expire or if they need to complete an activity before moving on to something else.

Another barrier my learners may face is the newness of online learning.  I have been working online for a number of years and I am very used to getting information in an online format, however my learners may not be as comfortable.  I will first need to enroll them in the benefits they can get from online learning and how it can be just as interactive and engaging as face-to-face. I will also need to train them on how to use the various technology I will be using.

  • What has been your most important learning to date?

I think the most important thing I have learnt from studying my instructors diploma online is to ensure I review the entire course website and get an idea of the assignments and activities. As it is self-directed and I can go at my own pace, it is good to have an idea how much work is involved so I can spread it out accordingly.  I sometimes find that I can do parts of one week combined with another.

I also find it is important to set goals and deadlines to work towards.  If I want to go away for the weekend, or take a break, then I need to complete my assignment by Friday.


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