Professional Ethics

According to wikipedia professional ethics is defined as:

Professional ethics encompass the personal, organizational, and corporate standards of behavior expected by professionals.

It is important for an organization to have a code of ethics and to build a culture based on this code. Leandro Valente has put together a list of 10 rules to help professionals be ethical in the workplace.

Brookes TedTalk (see video below) talks about ethics in the workplace and how courage from the individual is required. It takes courage to stand up and say something when you see unethical behavior. While the company may have a code of ethics, it stills requires individuals to ensure they are being lived into.

It is often fear that stops us from acting when we see something unethical.  Brooke talks about how we can overide our natural fear response so we can act consistently on our values.  It takes practices.

As educators, it is important we have a code of ethics for our classroom and that we live into them.  We also need to create a culture that allows our students to live into the code.  We must practice overcoming our fears so we can speak out when we see something that goes against these ethics. As Brooke discusses, we reprogram our brain by continuously practicing overcoming our fears, until it becomes our natural reaction to act based on our morals and ethics. I believe it is important that we have an understanding of what we ourselves stand for and how that fits with the organisation we work for.  The other side to this is how we react when others, such as our students, come to us with an ethical dilemma.  We need to create an environment that makes them safe in speaking out if they believe something does not fit with the ethics code.


2 thoughts on “Professional Ethics

  1. Great post, I definitely agree that it is the individual that needs to uphold ethical standards that this takes a great deal of courage. Rules are only words on paper, without the people to adhered, defend and enforce them.
    Thanks for your insight.


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