My career path

As an adult educator I believe in continuous learning, so I myself plan to continually learn throughout my career.  There is always something new I can learn or a skill I can upgrade. Currently I consider myself to be a learning and development professional, with knowledge and expertise in adult education theory. I act as a subject matter expert in the filed of training and education, providing guidance on what is needed for learning to occur.  I am currently focused on face-to-face instruction, due to the nature of my role.  However, as the demand for training grows I am looking at ways to make training delivery more scalable.

I see my future in adult education to be in the use of technology to enhance the learning experience.  I am particularly interested in launching elearning at my current work and continuing to build my elearning portfolio.  The eLearning coach offers a series of eCourses on instructional design, which I plan to review after completing my instructors diploma latter this year.

The eLearning coach also has some great resources on the website

I read articles from tips and tricks on authoring tools and how to story board for elearning.

Another great resource I use is elearning industries, which has a vast amount of information on their website.  Articles are regularly posted on trends in elearning.  I visit the site quite often to keep my knowledge up to date.

Working with other professionals is also a key part of my development plan.  Working as a team to upgrade our skills and determine what we need for the future. I enjoy learning from others and teaching others in exchange.  I have a degree and will soon finish my diploma, but a big part of my development plan is informal learning.  While I do plan to gain my elearning certificate through Vancouver Community College, I plan to up keep my skills by reading article from the websites I have identified and making connections with other professionals to see what they are up to.  As an example I have put together a session with people from work to discuss what skills everyone has and what everyone on the team wants to learn.  We can then build out a development plan for the team and have individuals lead sessions based on their own strengths.


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